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Historic Wedding Venue Maryland

Created in 1683 by the Maryland legislature, London Town became an important tobacco port and a major player in the colonial trans-Atlantic trade network. It also served as an important ferry crossing on the main north-south route in the colonies, connecting Charleston, South Carolina with Boston, Massachusetts.


The town was laid out on 100 acres, overlooking the South River. Roads were created, including Scott, Mackelfish, and Fish Streets among others. And 100 one-acre lots were platted.


As a center of transportation and trade, London Town reached its heyday in the 1720s, rivaling nearby Annapolis in terms of economic activity. Merchants, planters, carpenters, and coopers were important to the tobacco trade. They all either lived here or owned property in London Town, as did tailors, tavern-keepers, ferry-masters, mariners, rope-makers, blacksmiths, as well as indentured servants, convict servants, and slaves. The Anne Arundel County courthouse was located in London Town from 1685 until 1695, when the court moved to Annapolis, including the cage, whipping post, stocks and pillory.

The prominence of London Town began to fade in the mid-1700s and with the lack of trade during the American Revolutionary War, the port town simply could not survive. Once a vibrant town, consisting of 30 to 40 occupied lots and an estimated population of 300 people, London Town began to disappear from the landscape. Only a few buildings lasted into the 20th century, one of which is the impressive brick building, known as the William Brown House, built circa 1760 as an upscale tavern for travelers crossing the South River by ferry boat. Today, the park consists of one-quarter of the original 100-acre town and now holds as a museum that hosts 100s of weddings and school programs each and every year.

To find out more, or visit the site as a non wedding/event guest, visit us at


Our mission is simple

Historic London Town and Gardens inspires present and future generations to a deeper understanding of the past, the environment, and our shared humanity.


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Historic Wedding Venue London Town Maryland
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Meet our Director


Hi there! I'm Kristin, the Director of Private Events at Historic London Town & Gardens. I have been an Annapolitan for over 20 years and love driving over the South River to work at this stunning property!

We have been hosting weddings for over 40 years at Historic London Town & Gardens and the setting is picture perfect! At our beautiful property, rich history meets lush gardens, and the serene South River is your backdrop. What could be better!  And as we all know, Maryland weather is unpredictable, so our indoor Waterfront Pavilion is ready to make your special day flawless – come rain or shine.

I would love to give you a personalized tour of our property and once you decide that we are your venue, I work with you to envision the wedding of your dreams.

Choosing a venue is a big deal, and I am so grateful that you are consdiering us!. Please email me at or call at 410.222.1919 x 201.

Can't wait to meet you!


Wedding Venue Director Kristin Demarco


If you're interested in visiting our site and taking a tour with our Director of Private Events, please fill out the contact form on our website. Our Director will then send you an email with a link to book a tour at a time that works for you.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes so that you can explore the grounds after the tour and experience everything that we have to offer.

Also, don't forget to bring a list of questions and your wedding day vision so that we can discuss how to incorporate our site into your special day. We look forward to showing you around and helping you create unforgettable memories!


Historic London Town & Gardens

Public Winter Hours: 

Fridays and Saturdays 10a - 4pm

(Site closes at 4PM. We suggest arriving before 3PM to give yourselves enough time to walk around. 

Park anywhere is our parking lot.


Check in with the front desk at the Visitor's Center to let them know you will be doing a self-guided tour.

Check wedding and event date availability, on our event calendar.

If you prefer to walk the site yourself or our private tour availability doesn't fit with your schedule, you're welcome to self-tour the site. Simply check in at the Visitor's Center upon arrival and let them know that you're there for a wedding self-tour.

You'll receive a sticker that allows you to explore the site on your own. However, please note that the Waterfront Pavilion will be locked and alarmed and cannot be self-toured. If you're interested in seeing the inside of the pavilion, please view photos on our website.. We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to helping you create an unforgettable wedding day!

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